Lisa Marie

20. I draw a bit & sleep a lot. My Instagram is: bambivii

kirsten dunst photographed by sofia coppola in the behind the scenes of marie antoinette c. 2006

clothing and relationship goals

When I was 6 or 7 I went trick or treating for the first time, I had an obsession with witches and really wanted to go as a witch. My dad was against it but my mum helped me with my costume, bought me a hat and had my grandmother make me a little dress. 

When my dad saw it he bought out a mask and told me to wear it with the costume, I didn’t want to but he insisted. I hated masks, especially that one. For as long as I could remember he would bring it out every time he wanted to punish me and would scream and yell and shove me around until I was crying and whimpering in the corner.

I wore it out just to please him, a little girl cried when she saw it. I took it off to reassure her but she cried more and I think that was the firs time in my life I realised that I wasn’t scared of the mask it self but the person underneath that mask.